Welcome to Little Flowers Family Apostolate

jcIf you have arrived here via a search engine; Welcome! We hope you will enjoy touring our website and becoming acquainted with us! We were established in 1996, and going into our 11th year, we now have over 70 one-of-a-kind titles in print- and growing!

We are here to provide unique Catholic tools to Catholics, and Catholic families in particular, who are searching for just the right item to teach or learn the Faith and are looking for unique items for homeschooling, extra-curricular crafts, rewards for work well done, gifts for Sacraments and Feast days, literature that is good for the mind and for the soul and solid Catholic materials to pass the Faith on to their children.

hm Most people who buy Catholic materials are not even aware that there exists today, so many choices, that one is nearly overwhelmed, but, also that it is largely presented to us without filters to distinguish between trustworthy Catholic items and ones that are actually dangerous to our Faith, during these confusing times.

To help Catholics and Catholic families in particular, make the best decision possible we have used all the resources possible to screen items and ensure that they meet with the demands of our True Faith. To do this, we offer a Free Catalogue and Modesty Resource Guide annually, which contains the items that we offer. It also helps one learn about our family and how we provide these items to you all!