Play games for free

There are many ways to get games fro free & getting gamefly is one them. What is really cool is they give you a free month offer first to try out the service. So if you want to play a game but don’t want to pay 60 dollars for it you dont have too. There are a lot of games that are great but lets be honest they are not worth 60 dollars at best they are 40 dollars.

I am not gonna spend 60 bucks to play a game I can beat in a week. That is where gamefly comes in. With gamefly you can at least try it for free & also you only pay 15 dollars a month to rent a game. So most games are beaten or done with in 30 days. I saved so much money with gamefly because all i have to pay is 15 bucks & i can’t complain about that. The only down side is that it will come in the mail & you might have to wait a little bit in order to get your game but with the money you ¬†are saving it is worth it. The bright side you dont have to deal with gamestop anymore either.

No more buying games for 60 bucks only to get 15 dollars back for it. You would think with their services they wont be able to get the latest games but they do. Any of the latest games is available on gamefly, the only thing though you need to get it early because it will be gone quick. There are so many options to pick from & you will always find games to pick from. How does gamefly work? You might ask it is every easy first you need to try their trial then become a member once you are then you pay 15 bucks a month to get any game you want.

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